First Copy Shoes

The First copy shoes are replica of the original shoes of luxury brands. Every details about the shoes is copied from the branded shoes like design, colour, material, brand logo etc. That’s why they look exact the same as original branded shoes .

In Short, Manufacturers make the exact copies of the original ones to make it available at the less prices.

First Copy shoes

What is First Copy Shoes?

First copy products are the products which are the exact copy of the branded shoes and they are designed on the basis of the original brand shoes and look similar to them. It is not easy for a normal person to differentiate between original branded shoes and the copy shoes because they are almost similar in looks except for the product quality, durability and price. There are so many merits about the First Copy Shoes such that they are not that much expensive like original branded shoes and can be easily bought.
Nowadays,the trend of wearing luxury brands by every person is on top. Most of the people want to have luxury brands in their wardrobes. So keeping this trend in mind, many manufacturers have started to manufacturer the exact copies of the luxury brand’s products. So the lookalike luxury products can be affordable for everyone but the only difference is that they are not as expensive as original one.

First copy shoes

What is 7A Quality Product ?

7A Quality is the standard used in determining the quality of the product. They are the exact replicas of the original products and are more affordable and look exactly like them. A 7A product doesn’t mean that they are made up of cheap plastics. These products of 7A Quality are made up of high quality but not as high as the original product.
A 7A Quality Product is manufactured for mostly those people who love to buy the luxury brands but they choose replicas of the original products over spending a lot of money. There are many companies that offer 7A Quality shoes with exact same design and logos of the product. The 7A quality products are made up of high-quality material but not as high as the original products but they delivers the same finish, Quality and design. Other qualities are also available in the market like 10A and 5A. 10A Quality means more high-quality material than 7A but not as much good as the original product. 5A means more local material is used in making the replica.
If we talk about its design, In the manufacturing of 7A or 10A quality manufacturers always try to replicate the ditto designs as the branded product. They never compromise in making or replicating the same designs even using the same logo style. And there is no extra cost in making the same design they usually use the substandard raw material to reduce the cost but there is no reduction in cost from the point of view of the design.
First Copy shoes are durable too and it costs higher than duplicate shoes. But they are worth investing in. If you ever want a branded shoe but don’t have money to invest, then always go for First copy shoes of 7A quality.

Air Jordan 1 'University Blue'

Difference Between Original And First Copy Shoes.

The main difference between original and First Copy Shoes is that original is a term used for describing a Shoes that is genuinely designed and made by a certified or recognized brand or artist whereas a replica is also known as the ‘first copy’ of a genuine item or product made with similar ingredients but not as original as the real one.
Replica on the other hand means, ‘an identical replica (of a picture or art) created by the original artist’ or ‘an exact copy in all details. Replicas are also known as the ‘first copies’ of the genuine and original Shoes.
A replica is a term to depict an identical copy or duplication of an original object, such as a painting or other goods, that is similar in appearance and shape to the original. The majority of replicas are utilized for historical purposes in locations like museums and inexpensive deals because they are less expensive than original goods. Replica items are of lower and compromised quality, yet they are also less costly than genuine products. A replica is a copy that, in terms of shape and appearance, closely resembles the original.

Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Infrared'
There are some tricks to tackle the fake and original ones. It is essential to know because you are at a loss if you buy a low-quality shoe at a branded price.
Check the Manufacturer : If you want to buy the first copy shoe, first confirm the seller is not selling his products at a high price. There are many manufacturers of first copy shoes, but you need to find one who doesn’t sell them at a high price as their quality is not good. Consult your family or friends if they know a good seller.
Check Online Reviews : If you are buying it online, check the reviews about the shoes first. People who bought them before you must have commented about their quality. Reviews on various buying sites are the best way to know a product as they give us the feedback of consumers after their hands-on experience with the product.
Check Quality : Original brands like Nike, Adidas, Hushpuppies, etc., don’t compromise on their product quality. But first copy shoes always have a low material and fabric. As they are cheap, why would they use high-quality material?
Stitching Patterns : You can quickly identify a first-copy shoe by checking its stitching pattern. If the pattern is not in a sequence, it is the first copy. Original brands never change their stitching pattern. As they never compromise on the quality of their products. They don’t want to break the trust of their customers.
Check the Logo : Original shoes always have a logo on them and inside their sole. No one can copy the logos exactly. In contrast, the first copy shoes don’t have such logos. They have stamps or stickers.
Check the price : The price is the primary key to identify between the original and fake. The original branded shoes are expensive, sometimes out of reach, but if you have a good seller, he will provide you a copy at a low price. The first copy of shoes is always low in price because of the low-quality material used in the shoes.

Why Should You Purchase First Copy Shoes?

Nowadays, people from middle class family can’t manage to eat adequately, so how can they afford original branded shoes. Such people also want to wear nice shoes, but first copy shoes are an excellent choice for those who can’t afford them as they look just like branded ones and are affordable. There are the students of colleges who can’t afford expensive shoes can show off in college with these first copy shoes.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 GID Glow

Are First Copy Shoes Good for the Money?

If you find first copy shoes that are good in quality and are comfortable, why you will go for branded high-priced shoes. Not all the first copy shoes need to be of bad quality, and the quality is undoubtedly lower than the original one but not that much bad that you can’t purchase it. If you get a comfortable first copy shoe at a low price, we would advise you to go for it.
These are good for the middle-class people who can’t afford branded shoes. With these first copies, they can fulfill the desire to wear branded shoes. These shoes are also well designed and durable as they are made up of high quality materials.

Nike Air VaporMax Evo SE

Where Should You Purchase a First Copy Shoe?

Nowadays, First copy shoes are very demanding because of their low price. There are many online sites where you can buy your first copy shoes easily. You can also buy them directly from the flee markets but remember to check the quality of the shoe before buying. As some copies have very low quality, the first copies usually have a good quality, not like the original but are fine.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Azael’

Are First Copy Shoes good for Running?

All the runners and army man especially the person in defence are conscious about their shoes quality because they need to run daily and want to have some durable but affordable shoes. Mostly they go towards branded shoes, but still, they are not satisfied because of their high price.

They want to have good quality shoes at a low price, so they have an excellent opportunity to buy first copy shoes. These shoes are not as durable as original ones but still worth your money as they are durable for their price. If you buy an original one, you can buy only a single pair of shoes, and if you are bored with this, you can’t change it at once as it is highly priced. But with the first copies, you can change them after a year. And still, it will not cost you much as its price is lower than half of the original price.

Reebok Zig ‘Dynamica’ White

Nike First Copy Shoes

Nike is one of the popular brands among shoes. Nike is always at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation, technology development, and leading marketing campaigns that get it much more popularity and sales than any other shoe brand on the planet. Nike Shoes are known for its built Quality and durability. Nike First Copy Shoes or Replica Shoes are very lightweight, soft and comfortable shoes that make them different from another brand.

Nike Shox R4 Retro 'OG'
On Mensfashionn, Replica of Nike shoes price varies between ₹1500-4000. We have best 7A Quality replica Shoes collection of different types of shoes. Nike first copy shoes for men, women, cricket shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes and many more. If you are looking for casual shoes then you can buy shoes from this brand at affordable prices. Nike shoes always give a flaunted look to your personality. As social media gets flooded with Nike shoes flaunted by celebrities and sportsperson, original Nike first copy shoes trend online as well.

Adidas First Copy Shoes

Adidas is one of the famous premium brands of shoes and is known as a benchmark shoe manufacturer in the industry. It is all time trending among Cricketers, On Running Tracks and at the Gym Space. Peoples Are Always Searching For 1st Copy Shoes Of Adidas & Adidas Copy Products Online. From cricketers to athletes and bodybuilders, Adidas has collections for everyone. This is one of the reasons why Adidas first copy shoes are so much popular in Asian markets like India. It is not easy to locate stores offering Adidas first copy shoes online as it is very hard to replicate their products.

Adidas yeezy boost 350 V2 sneaker
Still, if you are looking for quality Adidas first copy shoes, Mensfashionn has an exclusive collection. From the immensely popular Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Azael Black Sneakers to Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Wave Runner’, you will find them all here.

Jordan First Copy Shoes

Jordan’s shoes are popular because it offers shoes that are well designed and fashionable. Jordan use high quality materials in manufacturing .With these materials being used in manufacturing, there’s a creation of a sense of durability .The sneakers are light on the feet, flexible and fashionable .The shoe is designed to absorb impact movements and to provide additional comfort . The shoe is always in style with the three-striped design on the synthetic upper.

Nike Jordan Jumpman Protomax 720 Wolf Grey
Mensfashionn is a first copy shoe online store where you will find the best quality Jordan first copy shoes. From Air Jordan 1 ‘University Blue’ to Air Jordan 6 Retro ‘British Khaki’ and everything in between, the store is offering you the best collection of first copy shoes.

Puma First Copy Shoes

Puma is a premium brand that is known for offering shoes that are incredibly well designed, soft, and comfortable. If you can locate the right place to buy Puma first copy shoes online, then you will be getting shoes with an attractive design made from top-quality material and available at less than half the price of the original product.

Puma Mercedes Drift Cat 8 Unisex Red

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